No one ever gets excited about receiving a letter from a taxing authority. Taxes are a necessary part of the business picture, but writing checks to the government is never fun! We can help make it less painful. ABS Bookkeeping & Tax Service customers have the option of having us represent them and/or accompany them at any audit or review meeting. Rates vary depending on the amount of preparation required – but the peace of mind knowing that you’ll be professionally represented at these meetings is priceless! We work with companies and entrepreneurs who seek advice and guidance in dealing with IRS inquiries, violations, penalties, and audits. We accurately evaluate the validity and context of the IRS claim as well as customize a plan to resolve the matter quickly.

Internal Revenue Service audits

  • Individual audits
  • Corporate audits
  • Partnership audits
  • Payroll Report audits

Texas State Comptroller & Texas Workforce Commission audits

  • Payroll audits
  • Sales & Use Tax audits
  • Mixed Beverage Gross Receipts Tax audits

When it comes to figuring all these taxing, bookkeeping and accounting intricacies, any SMB company needs a professional help – our help!